DriveTime Golf

DriveTime Golf 1st Annual
Harbour Town Golf Links Classic

  Runs from April 6-18!

1st Place $500 cash prize

2nd Place DriveTime golf shirt and two hours of range time

3rd place DriveTime hat and one hour of range time

Event Format,
Stroke Play Tournament

Participants are required to download the aG Locker mobile app from aboutGolf and to log into the simulator each time you play.

  • $20 entry fee + hourly sim rental rate
  • Members enjoy 50% off rental rates on all tournaments or contest entered
  • Replay the course as you want before April 18th and use your best score

Men will play from the BLUE Tees and Women will play from the RED Tees.


There is a 3 foot “Gimme Distance.” You will continue to putt until the putt is made, or within 3 feet the simulator will add one stroke to your score and hole out.


In the event of an unplayable ball, the simulator will list 5 different options before you can resume play. The options that will be used for this tournament are “DROP” or “REHIT.” If the options “Free Drop,” “Safe Drop,” or “Mulligan” are used, a 2 Stroke Penalty will be applied to your score for each instance.


Ties will be decided by whichever team had a better score on the hardest handicapped hole. If there is a tie on that hole it will be decided by the 2nd hardest followed by the 3rd hardest, 4th hardest, etc.


In the event that the simulator does not register a shot, players will be able to replay the shot with no penalty. In the rare case it does happen make sure your ball is in the “hitting zone” and the 3Trak indicator is green.


In the event of  technical difficulty requiring the simulator to be rebooted, play will resume from the start of the hole where the reboot was required. The previous strokes on that hole, if any, will be replayed.

Thanks for playing in the first indoor golf tournament at DriveTime Golf.

Good Luck!