Liability Waivers & Rules

Every player must sign a liability waiver before playing. 

Axe Throwing Liability Waiver

Golf Simulator Liability Waiver

Golf Simulator Rules of the Road 

  • You break it – you buy it.
  • Only practice swing when standing in
    the T-box area of the simulator.
  • Anyone not hitting must stay behind
    the black on the floor.
  • No Happy Gilmore swings.
  • No foul language while playing.
  • No throwing balls at the screen.
  • No beverages or food on the hitting
    mats, or on mounted laptop table.
  • No smoking or vaping in the lounges.
  • Do not use any foot spray or aerosol
    spray as a training aid while in the
    simulator bay.
  • Use the tees provided by DriveTime
  • No golf shoes, metal cleated shoes,
    high heeled shoes or boots on hitting
  • No muddy or dirty shoes allowed on
    hitting mats.
  • Please clean your clubs prior to hitting.
  • During winter months no shoes worn
    outside are allowed in the hitting area.
    Please bring a clean dry pair of shoes.

Axe Throwing Rules Of The Road

Axe Throwing – 3 drink maximum while throwing axes!

• Closed-toed shoes are required to throw. No loose clothing, hoodies, or brimmed hats. High heels are prohibited (boots are OK)
• Follow ALL of the Drivetime Staff directions.
• Never enter the throwing area without permission from an Drivetime Staff.
• Never cross the throwing line until the Drivetime Staff approves.
• Never throw until both participants in your area are behind the throwing line.
• Never leave the throwing lane with an axe.
• No food or beverages in front of yellow safety line.
• No roughhousing or horseplay.
• Arrive sober. Drink responsibly during your event.
• Drivetime Golf is a non-smoking facility