● The Indoor Golf League is a 9 hole handicapped individual stoke play format that runs 14 weeks every Thursday from Jan 11th – Apr 11th

●    Handicap must be submitted on sign-up form when registering. You will also be required to submit your handicap when registering on aGLocker. If you have an existing aGLocker app you can add your handicap by going into profile. 

●    If you don’t know your handicap use this chart to determine what your handicap will be 
o    Shoot Avg Score: 
105  =27
100 = 23
90   = 18
85   = 11
80   = 8

● Each player must download the aGLocker App from the android or apple store.
● First 7 Weeks ($175) paid prior to league start. Payment is collected through sign-up form when registering.
● League will be limited to 16 players.
● Please designate Sub if you are not able to play. There are NO make up rounds.
● Playing times are as follows. Players will rotate start times each week.
o Bay 1: 4 Players 5:30 – 7:30
o Bay 1: 4 Players 7:30 – 9:30
o Bay 2: 4 Players 5:30 – 7:30
o Bay 2: 4 Players 7:30 – 9:30
● New course played each week.
● Course conditions may vary from week to week. There are however some set parameters
o 6′ Gimme Range
o No Mulligans
o OB Auto Drop
o Green speed 9.5
● Score cards are kept electronically in the aG Control system and will be posted weekly. You will also have access to your rounds card on the aGLocker app.
● Tees are only allowed on the tee shot (variety of tee heights available)
● Specially marked balls that work with sim technology will be provided.
● Titleist ProV1 are available to purchase if you would like to use a higher quality ball (3) for $18
● From time to time a shot will accidentally register Should this occur a mulligan will be allowed. This is the ONLY TIME MULLIGANS ARE ALLOWED. Golf is a game of honor, only use a mulligan when there was a true error made by the system, or an accidental shot was recorded.
● Please keep pace of play so all players can finish within the allotted time.