Format and Rules

Axe Throwing League @ Drivetime Golf

League Details

  • Players will throw five rounds of ten attempts a week.
  • Primary tracking will be total score, with win/tie/loss records for tournament bracketing tiebreak.
  • If after ten throws players are tied, a single-throw sudden death is started. Each player throws once, and the higher score wins. This continues until a winner is determined, up to five throws. After five sudden-death throws, the round is considered a tie.
  • Wins will be 2 points, losing a tie-breaker (or a five-throw sudden death with no winner) will be 1 point, and a loss is 0 points.
  • Points scored during the tie-break phase do not count towards the final round score. ● Lane switching applies for every five throws.
  • Judges for a round will be the on-deck pairing.
  • The axe must stick in the wood for the score to count. If the portion of the blade in the wood breaks the outer plane of the next inner scoring circle, the higher score is awarded. Any portion of the blade not flush with the surface of the wood does not count for scoring.
  • The championship tournament will be a double-elimination seeded bracket with all players.
  • If a league play night is missed, the player has until the start of the next league night to make up. An independent monitor must attest to it.

Anatomy of a Round

  • Players may have one practice throw before each round.
  • First listed player starts in the left lane.
  • Stepping past the 12’ line will be a fault. One warning on accidental occurrences. Subsequent occurrences will count as a zero for that throw. Egregious faults will result in a forfeit round.
  • Players make attempts at the same time (within ten seconds of each other)
  • Player announces score before touching axe.
  • If the score is not clear or is contested, the judge will inspect.
  • If a player touches axe before inspection, the lower score will be recorded.
  • After five throws players switch lanes (judges do not switch lanes)
  • Killshots (small blue dots in upper left and right of target) are available once per dot per round. A killshot must be called in advance of the throw. A missed kill shot is zero points, regardless of where on the target the axe lands.
  • Round is complete after ten total throws.

Safety Rules

  • All player-brought axes must have a sheath when not in use during a round.
  • House axes do not require sheaths and will stay on the table by the lanes.
  • Only one player is allowed inside the throwing lane during a round. The exception is after a throw if a judge must inspect for scoring purposes.
  • Any axe with a damaged/cracked handle or loose head will not be thrown ● Players too inebriated to be safe will not be allowed to compete.

Conduct Expectations

  • Respect the game, play fairly, and follow all rules and policies.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship before, during, and after games, win or lose.
  • Be courteous to attendees and treat all throwers respectfully.
  • Help to maintain and keep all equipment and conditions at the facility in good condition.
  • Obey all facility rules while respecting all equipment, common areas, playing areas, parking areas, and surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Under no circumstances are live targets allowed. No thrower is to throw an axe at a target while a person or live object is in between or in front of the thrower.